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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I see my pictures before purchase?

A: Our Company runs on a pre-pay system and does not provide proofs before purchasing. We guarantee a 100% refund by returning your order to us if you are not happy with your pictures. VST will do its best to correct any issues you might have with your order. An order can be made over the phone with a credit card or by mail with a check. Unfortunately, online ordering is not an option after picture day. We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Our company definitely appreciates your business and strives for customer satisfaction.


Q: I forgot to give my son/daughter the money and/or form, can I still get pictures.

A. Yes, As long as your son/daughter has taken their portrait with our photographer, on day of photographs. This can happen if they fill out a form or an 'I forgot my money today' order form that our photographers carry with them. Make sure that they speak up to the photographer about taking their pictures.


Q: What is my deadline to order pictures?

A: If you would like to receive them as soon as possible, along with the rest of those that order, it would be best to pay on the day of picture day. If you miss your deadline to Pre-Pay online, you still have at least 3 days to purchase your pictures by calling our customer service line and have that order placed. There will be $5 S+H charges added to any order after that, but will be sent to you directly, at a reliable mailing address of your choosing.


Q: My child did not take their individual portraits, but I paid online, what should I do?

A: Email customer service ( to let them know that your child did not know you were purchasing beforehand and didn't take their individual portraits. You may still receive a group/team picture (if one was taken) and receive a refund on the remaining amount paid.




Q: My Child was absent during picture day, can they still get their pictures taken?

A: It is up to the discretion of the coach to schedule a makeup day. However, if there is no make-up date scheduled, we may schedule a day where our photographers will head to the school within the following week or month to photograph another sport. If no photographers are headed your child's school any time soon, we may help with giving you the closest school to go to and do a retake.


Q: I do not like the new form/packages offer, why did you change them?

A: It was brought to our attention that some packages did not do well than others.


Q: I'm not happy with the portrait/ pictures that my child took.

A: We thank you for your time and feedback regarding our company's photography quality control. Your concerns are important to us. As for any parent, photos are indeed very special memories for families and play a huge role in student's development. If we can correct any issues with your child's pictures please let us know. Provide us with the school name, activity and student's name. We are more than happy to make corrections if possible or issue a full refund. 

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